China’s Pirate Queen: Zheng Yi Sao/Shi Yang.

The story of the most successful pirate of all time.

Niall Leah
6 min readOct 16, 2022
Alex Tooth

One of the most feared pirates of all time was missing a few clichés details No wooden leg, parrot, or even a long dark beard. She was, in fact, unable to grow one.

She went by a few different names. Her most famous one is Zheng Yi Sao, but she was born Shi Yang.

Born to humble origins, this woman would forge a career as the most feared pirate of the south China sea and potentially the most successful pirate in the world. She started right at the bottom.

This is an incredible real rags-to-riches story.

Her known story began in a floating brothel in modern-day Guang Dong.

As a young woman, she worked as a prostitute in Canton, now known as Guang Dong. Little is known of her very early life, but legend has it she was a shrewd businesswoman. During this time, she is said to have traded secrets she gained from her work for influence and wealth amongst her political contacts.

She married a pirate captain called Zheng Yi. It is even believed that Zheng Yi sought her based on her reputation for savvy and resourcefulness.



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