Will Russia’s Oldest Weapon Break The United West?

Niall Leah
8 min readSep 25, 2022

Putin hopes the coming Winter can break the spirit of western unity. Is he right?

SERGEI BRIK (Shutterstock-Standard usage rights)

In recent weeks Ukrainian gains have been outstanding. Until very recently, there was skepticism that Ukraine would be able to push back meaningfully.

In the end, that is precisely what happened. With a sudden unexpected push in the East, Ukrainian forces swept around Russian defenses, encircling troops and instigating a chaotic withdrawal. Towns were retaken, valuable Russian military equipment was lost, and morale amongst Russian troops was shattered.

The offensive broke a long deadlock revitalizing the Ukrainian troops and making the idea of a Russian defeat even more tangible.

Wow…To be in Putin’s shoes right now.

Things are not going to plan.

In a recent meeting with his allies, Putin has been under pressure. He received questions and concerns from his allies in India, China and Turkey. Not only that, He is facing growing pressure from inside Russia from Russian nationalists and from his military. He was even critizied by Ramzan Kadyrov the Chechen leader a long term ally.



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